Kate & Zach // Wedding at The Reserve at Lake Keowee

Kate and Zach have had a long journey together to their wedding day – both literally and figuratively! These two have been together ten years and travelled all the way from New York to tie the knot here in beautiful Sunset, South Carolina at the Reserve at Lake Keowee! I know they are so excited to finally call each other husband and wife.

This wedding was so much fun to capture – not only are Kate and Zach a joy to be around, but their wedding was beautiful. Kate wanted to play up the natural beauty of the woods and the mountains in the Reserve, and I was just like, “Yup, we can DEFINITELY do that!” 😉 I loved the cute little white chapel where they held their ceremony, Founders’ Hall, and to top everything off, we got a gorgeous sunset to end the day.

Congratulations, Kate and Zach, and thank you so much for choosing Ryan and me to be a part of your day! Best wishes to the two of you as you begin this next chapter of your life together!

Mori Lee Wedding dress and silver wedding shoes bride getting her hair done in a low updo with greenery bridal details bride and bridesmaids sharing a toast in their dressing gowns bride getting ready for wedding bride and bridesmaids in floral robes before wedding bride getting into dress reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0008 black and white detail photo of mori lee wedding gown bride's mom and bridesmaids helping her into dress black and white photo of bride putting on her shoes reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0012 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0013 bride and groom first look in woods reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0015 groom's reaction to seeing his bride for the first time in her wedding gown bride and groom share a hug during first look reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0018 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0019 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0020 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0021 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0022 bride and groom in a pine forest bride in v-neck mori lee gown with lace detail and a-line skirt outdoorsy groom in blue suit with a patterned tie reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0026 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0027 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0028 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0029 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0030 bridesmaids in mix and match grey dresses, groomsmen in white shirts and patterned ties wedding party celebrating the bride and groom kissing reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0033 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0034 bridesmaids in various shades of grey and neutral bouquets reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0036 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0037 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0038 founders chapel at reserve at lake keowee founders hall chapel, white petals lining the wedding aisle reluctant ring bearer escorted by junior bridesmaid reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0042 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0043 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0044 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0045 wedding in the beautiful white chapel of Founders Hall at the reserve at lake keowee bride and groom exchanging rings bride and groom share a kiss at the end of their wedding at Founders Hall reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0049 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0050 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0051 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0052 Founders Hall wedding portrait reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0054 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0055 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0056 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0057 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0058 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0059 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0060 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0061 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0062 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0063 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0064 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0065 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0066 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0067 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0068 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0069 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0070 Sunset wedding portraits of the bride and groom with blue ridge mountains in background reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0072 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0073 Sunset wedding portraits of the bride and groom with blue ridge mountains in background bride dancing at wedding reception reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0076 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0077 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0078 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0079 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0080 reserve-at-lake-keowee-wedding-south-carolina-_0081

Hair: Ivy Salon

Flowers – Adina Estes at Frilly Bloomers

Bakery – Buttercream Bakehouse

Catering – The Orchard House at The Reserve at Lake Keowee

Dress – Mori Lee

Dress Shop – RK Bridal

Music – Wirewood

Rentals – Professional Party Rentals

Wedding Coordinator – Upstate I Do

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