Morgan & Josh // Colorful Fall Engagement Session

Every year around October, photographers go into a leaf-forecast-watching frenzy. This year, it looked like the peak in Greenville was going to be around the end of October, which I would be missing while I was in Charleston. But, fortunately, when I got back in early November, the leaves were absolutely perfect – just in time for Morgan and Josh’s engagement session. I think the forecasters must have jumped the gun, but either way, it must have been meant to be for these two!

Not only were the colors lovely, but working with Morgan and Josh couldn’t have been more fun. Both of them have some theater experience, which means they take direction well, and of course it helps that they’re completely adorable together. Sometimes as a photographer, you’ve gotta work hard to make the magic happen, and other times it all just comes together for you and you just feel honored that you got to be there and capture it. This was definitely one of the latter. Thanks for being so awesome, y’all.


















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