Megan // Bridal Portraits at Taylors Mill

When you think bridal portrait locations, most of the time a former bleachery / mill workspace would not be the first thing that comes to mind… so I was glad that Megan trusted me when I suggested Taylors Mill as a potential location for her portraits! The textures, colors, and light at the mill are quickly making it one of my favorite indoor places to shoot in the upstate. The fact that I can also grab some amazing coffee at Due South next door has nothing to do with this, of course 😉 All kidding aside, the beautiful backdrop combined with Megan’s sweet attitude and knockout bridal look lands this bridal session near the top of my favorites list. (Can we talk about how gorgeous the lace shoulder detail on her gown by Augusta Jones is?!) I’m so glad to be able to share these photos with y’all now that Megan and John have tied the knot, and can’t wait to share more from their big day soon as well!

taylors-mill-sc-bridal-photography-_0001 taylors-mill-sc-bridal-photography-_0002 taylors-mill-sc-bridal-photography-_0003 taylors-mill-sc-bridal-photography-_0004 taylors-mill-sc-bridal-photography-_0005 taylors-mill-sc-bridal-photography-_0006 taylors-mill-sc-bridal-photography-_0007 taylors-mill-sc-bridal-photography-_0008 taylors-mill-sc-bridal-photography-_0009


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