Mary-Louise & Shayne // Engagement Session at Botany Bay & Edisto Beach

Nervous about your engagement session? Don’t worry – almost everybody is! It’s strange to be in front of the camera with someone telling you to stare into each others’ eyes and kiss on cue. So what’s the best way to deal with that? Just laugh it out! If something feels funny, you don’t have to hold it in – laughing together about the silliness of all of this actually makes for great pictures. Mary-Louise and Shayne were pros at making this technique work, and it made for some super adorable photos. The beautiful Spanish moss-lined dirt roads of Botany Bay Plantation and the beautiful beaches of Edisto Island served as a gorgeous backdrop for a fun, if chilly, engagement session (but hey – the cold weather meant we had it all to ourselves, plus served as incentive to snuggle tight!) We can’t wait to work with these two again on their wedding day!

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