Marissa & Tyler // Lowcountry Southern Wedding at Old Santee Canal Park

As a proud G.R.I.T. (Girl Raised In the South, for all y’all ‘yankees’), I love weddings that celebrate this wonderful place, and Marissa and Tyler’s wedding certainly fit that category! The bridesmaids carried sweetgrass florals (a lowcountry staple), while the guys donned palmetto printed ties, and the guests were gifted grits to throw instead of rice for the couple’s end-of-the-night exit! The couple also remembered Marissa’s late father, a true Southern gentleman, by relating a tall tale he used to tell explaining why true Charleston boys don’t wear socks:

“In the era of the War Between the States… the trains were no longer allowed to transport cotton to the North, or textiles such as socks to the South. Now, now – instead of being down and out on their luck, the Charleston Boys took the initiative to wear their shoes without the socks and go on about their business. This became such a way of life (and some would say, even more comfortable!) that here we sit, working on two hundred years later, and still, Charleston boys do not wear socks with their loafers!”

In remembrance of Marissa’s dad and his creative take on this story, Marissa’s mom carried a pair of his loafers to symbolize his presence in spirit at the wedding. Needless to say, the groomsmen, like true Charleston gentlemen, went sock-less that day as well.

Marissa and Tyler – Y’all are such a wonderful couple. Your love and commitment to each other is so apparent to everyone around you! I loved being a part of your day, and wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

(And thanks to my wonderful husband Ryan for capturing this wedding with me! I love having him by my side!)

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Venue: Stony Landing House at Old Santee Canal Park

Reception and Catering: The Barony House Restaurant


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