Kiyoko // Snow Day Portraits

We had a crazy week of weather here in South Carolina. First, a snowstorm, then, two – count ’em, TWO – earthquakes. Never mind that we only got a few inches of the white stuff, and I personally didn’t feel either tremor (which were only about 4.1 and 3.2). This stuff is still exciting for us Southerners.

Since snow only comes around once a year or so, I was really glad to be able to meet up with Kiyoko to create some spontaneous winter portraits. The light is just beautiful when it bounces off the snow, and the falling flakes create a feeling of peace and serenity. Kiyoko was such a great sport about shooting in the cold weather, too – I have so much respect for models who can go from freezing their fingers off to holding a pose and beautiful expression in just a matter of seconds.

Now that we got that snow out of our system, I’m ready for some nice warmer weather… but in the meantime, enjoy a few wintery shots from Kiyoko’s portrait session!


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