Jonda and Alan // Wedding at Mary’s Cottage at Falls Park

One of the things that I love about living in Greenville is that it is a city that is being transformed and reborn. I was born and raised here, and yet Greenville is increasingly new to me each time I explore it. Take Falls Park on the Reedy – the backdrop for Jonda and Alan’s wedding at Falls Cottage. Before it was a beautiful destination, there was just a muddy river and an unsightly driving bridge – but someone had the vision to transform and revitalize it into a gorgeous and welcoming place.

Maybe that’s why Alan and Jonda’s wedding seemed right at home in Falls Park. They incorporated butterflies, a symbol of new beginnings, into their decor and ceremony, to help tell the story of how love can change and transform people’s lives. It was so obvious to see the love that the two of them had for each other, as well as each of their guests’ joy, love and support for the happy couple.

Alan and Jonda – your wedding was beautiful, intimate, and touching, and it was absolutely a pleasure and a privilege having you as clients. Best wishes to the two of you in your new life together!

And many thanks to my wonderful second shooter, Hannah Reed (affectionately referred to for the night as Hannah #2 🙂 ) Some of her images appear below!


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