Darby // Film Photography

When I first started out in photography, my sister Darby was always my go-to model. She was always readily available if the weather was beautiful or interesting light popped up out of nowhere, and of course, being the big sister meant she was used to me bossing her around. I’d grab my tiny little Canon Powershot, we’d select an “artsy” outfit and explore the woods near our house in search of the perfect backdrop.

While my gear (and technique) have improved significantly since then, Darby is still my favorite to photograph when it comes to making art or shooting personal work! We don’t get to shoot as often as we did growing up or while we were both at Furman together, but we managed to carve out a little time over the Thanksgiving holiday to shoot both some pretty portraits and some more artistic shots.

I used a few different films for this shoot – Kodak Portra 400, Ilford 3200 for the black and whites, and some really expired Kodacolor VR 400 that I found in the bottom of a vintage camera bag. (I converted some of those shots to black and white in post because the colors were super wonky.) Hope you enjoy!











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