Wedding Rings - Greenville SC Wedding Photographer


What are your packages and pricing? 
I have three basic wedding photography packages, starting at $1899. Please shoot me a message if you’d like to learn more!

Do you shoot in digital, or film?
Both! My primary medium is digital for practical purposes, but I was raised on film photography, so it’s still my favorite. I include a few rolls of film in every package.

I’m not from the Greenville area. Will you travel to shoot my wedding?
YES!  While I’m primarily a Greenville wedding photographer, I love to expand my horizons. I even have a special travel package – please contact me for details!

Do you shoot by yourself or with an assistant?
While I’m a pretty efficient photographer, I haven’t quite nailed the “being in two places at once” thing. 😉 I have several packages that include at least one other photographer, ensuring that every angle of your ceremony and reception are covered.

What kind of access will I have to my images?
You’ll get digital copies of your images, as well as a print release.

I really like your photography and want to book you, but you’re out of my budget. Is there anything we can do?
I totally get this – I was a bride on a budget not too long ago! Here are a couple of ways we can make your budget work for both of us.

  • I offer a gift registry for brides and grooms, where you can request additional hours of coverage, prints and canvas art for your new home, an engagement session, or gift certificates to HWP, letting you choose a smaller package.
  • Also, I offer a super-secret package to couples getting married on weekdays – so if you’re getting married on a Monday through Thursday, please contact me with your date and details, and I’ll give you a quote.
  • Finally – my packages are designed to fit the majority of wedding clients’ needs, but I know not every bride and groom are looking for the exact same thing. If you’re having a really intimate or minimal wedding and have a small budget to match, don’t be afraid to get in touch, share your budget and we will see what we can do!



What is your pricing for general sessions?
Most sessions start at $300, which includes all of your digital images. For some types of sessions where you’re only looking for one or two of the best final images (like headshots) – just let me know, and I can get you details about a pricing structure that fits your needs.

Do you shoot in film or digital?
For portrait sessions, I usually shoot digital due to the quicker turnaround – but you can always add film to your session for a small fee.

What should I wear?
I can’t tell you exactly what will look best on you, but I do have a few guidelines to help you weed through your closet!

  • Wear something that fits you well. Clothes that are too tight OR too loose will both lose your shape.
  • Structure is your friend. I love a good flowy top as much as the next girl, but if you’re planning on wearing something with a looser shape, consider adding a belt to cinch your waist or a structured jacket.
  • If your session is going to be outdoors, solids usually work better than patterns; if you are going to wear a pattern, go subtle!
  • It’s totally fine to be trendy, but I suggest keeping it to one trendy piece and going classic with the rest of your outfit. You don’t want your photos to be outdated too quickly.

I don’t like the way my  _________ looks in pictures. Can you photoshop that?
I am very sensitive to clients’ body images, and I encourage you to share with me any part of your body you’re not the most comfortable with – as well as those parts of you that you really like! I’ll do my best to pose and position you in a way that maximizes your favorite aspects of yourself while downplaying whatever it is you’re less fond of. Then, if it’s still an issue, I can touch you up some in post-processing. I want you to look like you in your photos, so I won’t drastically alter your images, but I’m fine with taking out a little blemish here or there.


Got another question not answered here? Shoot me a message, and I’ll let you know!