Elizabeth // A Rustic Bridal Session

Elizabeth’s concept for her bridal session has to be one of the most thoughtful things I’ve ever had the opportunity to photograph. She wanted to give her fiance (now husband!) Jamie with pictures of his former horse, who now lives with a different owner up in North Carolina. We made the trek up into the rustic NC countryside to take pictures of Jamie’s two favorite ladies, and then Elizabeth surprised him today with a bridal portrait of herself and his horse. How sweet is that?

On top of the sweetness and thoughtfulness of Elizabeth’s gift, I also love the versatility of her gown – it’s classically beautiful with the lace bolero and cathedral veil, and yet transitions seamlessly into a modern, elegant ensemble when worn by itself or with her sash. Truly the best of both worlds!

Greenville SC Bridal Photography_0001 Greenville SC Bridal Photography_0002 Greenville SC Bridal Photography_0003 Greenville SC Bridal Photography_0004
Greenville SC Bridal Photography_0007
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