Chris & Kyle // Offbeat Art Gallery Wedding in Durham, NC

“MAWWAGE… is what bwings us… togethaaa…. today.” Yes, Chris and Kyle’s wedding officiant actually began their ceremony with that oft-quoted line! (Fellow Princess Bride fans, rejoice.) Nods to Doctor Who were also present in everything from their invitations to Chris’ sonic screwdriver earrings, which I am totally jealous of, and might need to track down a pair for myself. Most of their details were DIYed, from the origami centerpieces to the delicious food. The Durham Arts Council building provided a beautiful backdrop for an intimate and very special day.

You’ll probably notice that Chris and Kyle definitely marched to the beat of their own drum when planning their wedding! The two of them found me through a website called Offbeat Bride, a site I took a lot of inspiration from for my own teeny-tiny wedding. Being offbeat isn’t about being as quirky as possible and rejecting every possible tradition; it’s about being authentic to yourselves as individuals, and as a couple. For some couples, traditional and classic is them. For others, wearing menswear with a beautiful birdcage veil and talking about the zombie apocalypse in your ceremony is much more real and personal. And for many, it’s a mix! The philosophy behind offbeat weddings is so freeing, and that’s what I love about them. Plus, sometimes it means I get to hang out with other nerds like me!

Chris and Kyle – congratulations on your wedding, and I wish you a very happy marriage! It was a pleasure working with you!









































If you want to hear some of Chris and Kyle’s thoughts on their wedding, make sure to check out their feature on Offbeat Bride!

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