Briana // Bridal Portraits

Psst… wanna know a secret? All you really need for a pretty bridal session is:

  1. A gorgeous bride (of course!)
  2. A nice, simple backdrop.
  3. And finally, some great light.

We got all of these and more at Briana’s bridal session! Sometimes, finding a place to shoot outside in the winter can seem daunting, but if you embrace the more neutral and minimal landscape instead of trying to fight it, the results can be magical. Also, have I mentioned how much I love winter sunset light? The angles of the sun shift around throughout the year, and in the winter evenings it gets so soft and pretty, especially when filtered through a slightly overcast sky. Briana’s romantic bridal look worked perfectly with our surroundings. (How gorgeous is that veil?!) Congratulations, Mrs. Lallo! I can’t wait to share more photos from your actual wedding day!

bridal-photographer-greenville-sc-_0001 bridal-photographer-greenville-sc-_0003 bridal-photographer-greenville-sc-_0004 bridal-photographer-greenville-sc-_0005 bridal-photographer-greenville-sc-_0006 bridal-photographer-greenville-sc-_0007 bridal-photographer-greenville-sc-_0008 bridal-photographer-greenville-sc-_0002 bridal-photographer-greenville-sc-_0009

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