Anna // Bridal Portraits at Kilgore-Lewis House in Greenville, SC

Anna and Smiley tied the knot today (so now they’re Mr. and Mrs. Smiley! How sweet!), and now I’m finally getting to share Anna’s bridal portraits at the Kilgore-Lewis house! Kilgore-Lewis is a beautiful historic home in Greenville, and it fit Anna’s timeless bridal look and classic sensibilities perfectly – and of course I was totally in love with the beautiful window light it offered. Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple!

bridal-kilgore-lewis-greenville-sc-photography-_0001 bridal-kilgore-lewis-greenville-sc-photography-_0002 bridal-kilgore-lewis-greenville-sc-photography-_0003 bridal-kilgore-lewis-greenville-sc-photography-_0004 bridal-kilgore-lewis-greenville-sc-photography-_0005 bridal-kilgore-lewis-greenville-sc-photography-_0006 bridal-kilgore-lewis-greenville-sc-photography-_0007 bridal-kilgore-lewis-greenville-sc-photography-_0008 Anna’s dad came along to the bridal session, so we snagged this sweet picture of the two of them together!bridal-kilgore-lewis-greenville-sc-photography-_0009 bridal-kilgore-lewis-greenville-sc-photography-_0010

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