We definitely believe that the best photographs happen when the right subjects meet the right photographer.

Are we the right photographers for you? That depends on what you’re looking for. Here’s a little bit about the way we work to help you get a feel for what the experience is like.

greenville sc photographer viewpoint at buckhorn wedding_0049
Weddings are beautiful. Emotional. Personal. Sometimes crazy and chaotic. Sometimes intimate and relaxed. And always amazing.

When we shoot a wedding, we adopt a semi-photojournalistic style. Translation: Other than formal portraits, we do our best to simply document the gorgeousness that is your wedding day, without over-directing you or forcing you into cheesy poses, etc. Even while we’re shooting some portraits of the two of you, we’ll focus on helping the two of you feel relaxed, comfortable and happy – because the most beautiful photos are the most natural ones. We want you to enjoy the time you have together, without feeling like you’re in the middle of an eight-hour-long photoshoot.

One thing we do a little differently from many modern photographers: we shoot a few rolls of film photos at most weddings, in addition to the digital images that make up most of our coverage. While we totally appreciate the many benefits of digital photography, there’s still a magical quality about film that we just can’t give up. Especially for romantic or vintage-styled weddings, these film photos add the perfect touch.

Wedding photography is truly our passion. It’s such an honor to be allowed into such an emotional, beautiful day on such an intimate level, and there’s really no subject more beautiful than people in love surrounded by the people who mean the most to them.

If you feel that our approach lines up with your vision for your wedding photography needs, please contact us and let’s start making something together!